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i think you would need a server side language to accomplish what you are looking for. i really don't think javascript can change this, but you never know. i did this for my current project and its very nice. being able to change the title anywhere in a script, add javascript only when its needed, and dynamically add css is awesome.

i made a 4 class system. head, body, css, and the main class that brings the others together.

it builds the head content after the php has been executed and outputs it to the browser at the end.


Ya I understand that BUT what happens if you want to use those files for seperate pages for individual unqiue descriptions as in the heads...
You cant your not going to make x4 for every single page, hence is there anyother possible way...


In short I wish to redine the title, meta, etc whilst inside the body?

That better?


not really since its almost the same thing you said in the beginning. i was confused by the "unique description" and the "You cant your not going to make x4 for every single page". can you explain those better.

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