hello friends
thanks to all for their co-operation
iam facing a problem with date function
i want to insert it in a database by taking from form
is there any one whi gives the code

Thank u

post your date function
mention clear your problem definition & what exactly you want?

i want to insert it in a database by taking from form

First you are in DaniWeb dont ever ask for any code. Ask your doubts.
Now for your problem
If you wanna user to choose a date then use following
Download DataTimePicker.js a javascript file which on ckick of a link it will allow you to choose date. After that you can submit your form which holds your date value. Now you can easily insert that date to database.
Check given Url

you wanna current date of the system you can use Date function of php.
hope this will help you.
Thanks & Regards
Dilip Kumar Vishwakarma

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