I was trying to developed a unique user control to developed Date picker using html table tag.

I m simply design forms which includes:

1) asp:textbox

2) asp:imagebutton

and 3) asp:calender control

all these three control are placing table tags in a sigle row

At the form loading event visible property of the caleder is false. when i click on the image button

Calender cotrol is display on the form but it destruct whole <td> structure of the row.

how do i stop this things and overlaped that calender control over td tag.

I faced this problem when i worked on it. I want to create one unique user control of Date Picker, so i can use

this componant other places.

if any body have solution for this program Mail me at


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This has to do with CSS. On the td row, apply this style attribute: style="position: relative;" . Then on your calendar, apply this attribute: style="position: absolute; z-index: 1000;" . This will make the calendar be in the same row, and be "above" the other elements. You can then decide how far down to move the calendar so it is not destructive to the row.

If you wish to have all the elements in order: 1 2 3 then apply this attribute to the row instead: style="white-space: nowrap;" The reason why your td is messing up could be because your entire row is larger than the table allows. By having the "nowrap" functionality, it will increase the size of your table, and not wrap. However, this will affect all rows, so beware.

Kakke remove reltive-postion:absolute
from your stylesheet :D

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