Hi all...

I hope someone can help.

We have a quote ajax form that works in Firefox (the dropdown values can be seen), but doesn't in IE.

See - http://www.villagevetinsurance.co.uk/quote_engine/

The problem is with step 2 of the process.

On step 1 - just put in a post code (i.e. sw7 2rl)... then click 'Go to step 2'.

On step 2 - click the 'Cat' or 'Dog' radio buttons.
In Firefox choosing between the 2 radio buttons, changes the 'Pet breed' - (either cat breeds or dog breeds) that populates the dropdown (which come from a MySQL database).

I'm hoping it is a good old Microsoft IE CSS issue.... :(

Any advice or even a solution would be very much appreciated.


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It's been hinted to me that the following code could be causing the problem for the dropdown to work in Firefox and not work in IE:

function pet_type_change_handler()
            for (var j = 0; j < numberOfPets; j++)
               if ( $("#tab" + j).css("display") == "block" )
                  $("#selBreed" + j).attr("options").length = 0;
                  // add "please select" option...
                  $("<option/>").attr("value","").attr("text"," - please select").appendTo("#selBreed" + j);
                  if ($("#rdPetTypeCat" + j).attr("checked") == true)
                     // dealing with cats...
                     for ( var i=0; i<__cats.length; i++ )
                        $("<option/>").attr("value",__cats[i].id).attr("text",__cats[i].name).appendTo("#selBreed" + j);
                  else if ($("#rdPetTypeDog" + j).attr("checked") == true)
                     // dealing with dogs...
                     for ( var i=0; i<__dogs.length; i++ )
                        $("<option/>").attr("value",__dogs[i].id).attr("text",__dogs[i].name).appendTo("#selBreed" + j);
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