I am new to asp.net and crystal report.

I have installed visual studio professional edition 2008 in my machine. i created crystal report and i brought it in asp.net page. it works fine in my machine.

i have only the business objects dlls.i have not installed crystal report

i have installed framework 2.0 in my server machine (Windows 2000)

but when i tried it in my server machine, it shows 'Assembly binding logging is turned off' error.
i copied all the crystal report dlls and pasted into server machine.
i tried several times. but its not working.

please help me step by step.

1. Right click your project in VS and click properties
2. Cick the publish tab on the left
3. Choose "Prerequisites"
4. Choose "Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0" (make sure
the check box is checked.
5. In the same window you will find 3 vertical Radio Buttons , chose the second one "Download Prerequisites from the
same location as my application" and click ok to close the
6. Click the "Publish Now" Command, you will see a new folder gets created in your project.
7. Inside the new folder you will see "CRRedist2005_x86" this will need to be installed on the clients pc to view the reports.

commented: Nice step-by-ste[ explanation +14

u r suggesting atomatic download.... but

the client machine (i referred 'Server machine') has no internet connection. is there anyway???

please help me out.