I try to do the examples in these pages but none works. When i run, it shows "Error" word on the status bar of my browser. What do you think it doesn't run?



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what browser are you using? i just tried FF3, ie7, opera & chrome and it worked in all...

i assume you don't have javascript disabled too...

I have used all browsers and javascript is enabled too.

interesting, if it is not working in any of your browsers, i imagine it is an issue with your network. could it be a proxy? etc...

Not proxy. Do i have to enable something in php.ini or someting like that?


wait, are you trying them from w3schools or are you trying the examples for yourself (own server)?

I have wampserver runing on my desktop PC.

Is there any chance if you zip and send those examples to me? If you don't mind.

I am just doing copy and paste. I tried 3 times from scratch.


I had misunderstood what you were saying initially, I thought you were trying from the w3schools server. I suggest you try debugging using firebug or some equivalent for any of the other browsers. But, to get the examples to work, it should be a matter of copying the JavaScript, PHP, and XML files and making sure they link to each other.

I'll try it at home on my pc one more time.

hi i need to fetch data from a database and insert in a combo box when the page is loaded.how can i do

i need to fetch data from database and insert in to a combo box when the page is loaded.how can i do?

If you want to get any information from a database on the server, or send user information to a server-side script like PHP, you have to make an HTML form to GET or POST data to the server. The user would then have to click "Submit", wait for the server to respond, then a new page would load with the results. You can try php tutorials to solve your problem

use this

$sql="SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE id = '" . mysql_real_escape_string($q) ."'";
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