Hi Guys,

Ok here is the deal, i'm looking for a script that will allow a site admin to upload an image then add a description to it then click on save / upload/ send.... (whatever) Then the image and text is displayed on the webpage. I'm thinking of including a text file for the description but not sure how to go about it properly. If anyone has any decent ideas / scripts / directions to tutorials then i'd really appreciate it.

forgot to mention, the admin will be adding a few images on with description from time to time...probably makes a difference but not sure how much!


Google "php image gallery" or something along those lines. Plenty of results come up.

Cheers for the reply Death,

The only thing i found with the image galleries is they are too big for what i need. The client is only going to upload a few images at a time. I'm only after somthing small and compact and where i can modify the output and delete images no longer required on the server.

Thanks Again....

How experienced are you in PHP? Things to study would be forms and database manipulation. The database could hold the filenames of all the images you want to keep track of. Forms would be used for uploading and deleting images (that is, telling PHP to do this). A gallery page is as simple as selecting all the image records in the database and printing them in <img /> tags.

Thanks again for the reply,

I'm pretty new to php but i understand the basics...in a fashion!
Your suggestion is pretty much what i'm after, its just the issue of how to implement it, i can upload and store filenames into a database, just not sure how to publish them then delete them.