Good day again to everyone.!

my project of online enrolment system is almost done, thank you for all your support. Just let me know if you have problem in vb6 i would surely lean on my help to0 because its my expertise.

this might be the last problem ive ever had that turns me into crazy everynight i think how to solve it. A client added a situation that he wants to reply to all email addresses who registered online. He dont have any personal mail server, he just want to use yahoo. the client email add example is

Every time there is a new registration online, the server will automatically reply to all those who registered with their corresponding email addresses. Ive done this in vb6 but i dont really know how to do this in php.

Any help will be a treasure to me..any plugin in dreamweaver you can suggest or tools, or a systax to solve this?.

Thank you so so much.

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Does Yahoo mail support SMTP?

Does Yahoo mail support SMTP?

yes i think. it supports smtp.!

Does Yahoo mail support SMTP?

Yes it does. The settings can be found at

The settings are as follows:

SMTP Server: 
(Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication)

POP3 Server: (Use SSL, port: 995)

Login username: Your Yahoo! Mail ID 
(your email address without the "")

Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password

Those are the basic configurations. All it takes is a yahoo web search.

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