Does anyone know of a decent Geo Ip Tool locator?

I used to use It appears to no longer work.

Have tried some others, but nothing was as close as the one above.

Not even sure where to ask this, this was my best guess. Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum.


I have one Map-IP, you'll have to google it
out of the box it only plots the current user, but it easily adjustable

I couldn't find the one you mentioned, but Geo came back. BUt it leads me to a follow up:

I have found 2 or 3 locators. At the same time they show different places. And I don't mean different zipcodes, but different states, time zones, etc.

Is there a realiable way?

Is there a realiable way?

Geolocation IP addresses is only as accurate as the last time the dbase being queried was updated
IP2Country updates 2-3 times daily, but its a 'expletive deleted' to install, effective though at
IP2location daily, but you have to pay for it

I have tried many other sites, this appear new to me so let me check what the net result i will get after using it

Thanks for sharing such useful links, i found them all very interesting and distinct

You can check Myiptest Firefox add-on , it is an excellent tools which show your Browsing IP address, Proxy IP address and proxy IP location and it has many other useful features.