Hi friends,

I done my website menu with javascript.here problem is that its not working with IE7 but working properly with IE5.

In IE5,when i place mouse on services it is displayed like below submenus will shown.it is fine

home services products contact
how it works private banks
why it is keen bank
what is it

when it comes to IE7 it is displaying as

home services products contact
how private
it works banks
why keen
it is bank
is it

we can see -----how---- whereas -----it works----- is slightly displaying.
do need for this.

Thank you,
Your friend

This topic really belongs in the Javascript forum but don't double post thought. Just remember that for next time.

As for the javascript problem, it is Internet Explorer with the bug and not your script. This is because Internet Explorer has its own way of dealing with Javascript. To solve this problem the best way is to write 2 scripts. One for Internet Explorer and one for every other browser. So to merge the two, simply place one in a if function and the other in the else for the browser check. Below is an example:

<script type="text/javascript">
var browser=navigator.appName;
if (browser=='Microsoft Internet Explorer' || browser=='MS Internet Explorer' || browser=='Internet Explorer') {

//internet explorer script

} else {

//other browsers script


And just place the 2 scripts where the comments are. So your current script would go where the second/last comment is. And if you want help as to how your script needs to be changed then post your script so we can see what needs changing.