I use PHP Swift mailer to send around 2000 emails in one go. I just wonder if there is a chance to find out:
Who have received?
Who have not received?

Any idea?


Just allow the email to have html formatting then place an invisible iframe that links to your website and you can then use that iframe to use $_GET to say that the email has been recieved. An example is the following:

<iframe width=1 height=1 src='http://www.yousite.com/email.php?id=195'></iframe>

So when your email.php file recieves that $_GET command it then knows that the email with the id 195 has been opened. And of course you will need to keep a database of which id's are associated with which emails.

As not everyone opens emails, email still has been sent. It is still TRUE.
I am looking for FALSE which means that mail hasn't been delivered to an email address.

What about putting it into a if statement like the following:

if (mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers)) {
//message sent
} else {
//message failed to send

Also if you want to check each email individually then you can put the mail function inside a foreach loop.

Good idea
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