I know this might sound silly....please forgive on this one

I am not a programmer, but simply a graphic designer, but our programmer left us,and since that, my boss (which also my father) askin me to help about this matter. This company is still looking for the replacement, but we need to fix about this urgent.

Anyway...What i'm tryin to say here, that we're trying to make a database system for our employee. It consist of their data, photos and some other things. I don't know much about PHP and MYSQl, but i'm always ready to learn. If anyone can give me any clue about this, i will be so greatful.


Php is very easy to learn. You can start by going through these pages.
You can also find how php and mysql interacts on this link.
One suggestion. Saving images in the database is not a good idea. You can save the image on the server and save its file location in the table.
All the best with your application! Happy learning.. If you face any problem, you can always come here.


And one more thing php mail function is very easy to send any emails as notifications and circulars to your company employees...
And you can have your employee daily work reports in your data base is very important and with php these all are easy to develop as a software...
And welcome for any doubts in PHP and how to make tables based on your requirement of data....

Al The Best...