please can anyone give me more information on how to solve this problem i have. im writing a php code to create a form for a ms access database, i want customers to be able to select or tick various things they want in our services either from a dropdown list or a checkbox and when they click the submit button depending on the things they selected our database should return two of our packages that will best suit them e.g. either gold or silver. thanks


I've worked with PHP and MySQL databases using forms, but I've never tried to use PHP and an MS Access database.
With MySQL databases you would use the built-in functions (mysql_query(), mysql_num_rows(), mysql_fetch_array() etc.)

This is only a guess, but perhaps you could use fopen() to open your database?

I'm sorry I can't be of much help, the best thing my reply can do is push the thread up a little bit so that maybe one of the geniuses around here could assist you.

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thanks dave found a solution to it already i should have marked it solved before now