Hi guys.Im not exactly sure where I have to put this.But this place looked best as its a php forum and my problem is with phpBB.Again I don't really know If I'm posting this in the right place so correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyway my trouble is creating a comment system for my site through phpBB.I mean I have an article system and I want whenever an article is created, a topic with the same name to be created in forum.I would like users to be able to post replies as comments through the website.
If someone could help me out I would be really grateful.

I've never used phpBB, nor am I familiar with your article system. However, surely the topics in your forum are simply stored in a database table... So can you not simply modify the method in your article system which is responsible for creating new articles to insert a row into the respective phpBB topic database table?


Thanks for the reply,but unfortunately I figured that much.Yes, phpBB really stores the new topics in the database.I can modify the article system and I can make so the posts of the topic show on the respective page.The problem is though I can't make it available for a user to post reply through the site(without beeing redirected to the forum).
Any help would be appriciated.