Hi, This is Alex,

After upoading the image, i dont want to store the image immediately, i need to display the image in confirmation page and the user is confimed i need to store it in physical location.

i know how to store in physical location. but i dont know how to display the uploaded image immediately in jsp(not from the physical location).

please guide me in this.

i hope i ll get answer here.

Thank you.

Guiding would be far more easier if you provide code you used upload your image...

	function raju()
		document.getElementById("filess").innerHTML="<img src='"+document.r.files.value+"' width='100' height='160'>"
		return true;
	<form name='r'>
	<input type='file' name='files'  accept="*.jpg" onmouseout="raju();">
	<div id='filess'></div>
	<input type='button' onclick='raju();' value='click'>

this code use for u .

it is working but i am unable to see the image...
plzzz help me..

actually i wanna display image on jsp page before storing in database using struts...

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