i am using vs 2005.can i have rich text box for a web form?
i am not finding it in tool box.if rich text box is not possible ,how can i
have text box with rich text features in a web form?

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There is no default rich text box in VS but many are available on net. you can use WYSIWYG editor as well, many are free, but read there license before using.


I was happily coding one fine day when I encountered a problem that I needed to solve and it occurred to me that a Gosub… Return would be perfect here! It was a function with lots of values passed in that needed to perform the same processing multiple times but I didn’t want to pass all that data around on the stack. This, my friends, is the perfect case for an anonymous method. You can define an anonymous method anywhere inside a function and when you call the method, it has the same scope as the code that defined the method. The example here uses a SqlDataReader to populate an object. The reader may or may not have some columns in it. Since the only way to determine the columns in the reader is to use the GetSchemaTable() function and look at the results, I wrote an anonymous method to perform the search and was able to use the search to check for the existence of the questionable columns.

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