im using dreamweaver everytime i preview my templates the image did not load in browser? please help. .

Probably just the images html code being set the the wrong path. Try posting some code in relation to the image(s) that won't load and the locations of the images then it will be a lot easier to provide some additional answers to how the code should be. And also are these images database driven or stored in a file system?

its not a database it was stored on my system i created in photoshop.

Well as I said, when browsing the php file in the web browser, if you go to view->source, does it show in the source the proper locations of the pictures? Try to copy and past those locations into the url bar appropriatley. That is the most likley problem that the address to each picture is incorrect due to something like a moved folder.

a precious advice, never use dream weaver, test directly on the server, write code only then see if it looks as u like.

thanks for all of your advice guyz i think my problem is browser, i tried in IE it works fine but every time i click my menu the image did not show, but in MOZILLA all image are crashes and did not show. . ei guyz last question its my first time to study this languange where can i find a tutorial of this?