Can any one give me some idea regarding how to calculate second and fourth saturdays i did based on time whenever i change system time it results in tuesdays insetad of saturdays.

The strtotime function is useful for this sort of thing. Here is a little routine that calculates the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in May (as an example):


	$wk = strtotime ("first saturday may 2009");
	if ($wk == false) {
		echo "<br>Not able to interpret the string ";
	$sat2	= $wk + (3600*24*7);				// add seven days  (in seconds)

	$sat4	= $sat2 + (3600*24*14);				// add 14 days

	$wk2 = date ("Y-m-d",$sat4);
	echo $wk2;


yes strtotime function is perfect of time calculations.

For example

$today=date('Y-m-d');// for example today is 2009-04-06
$newdate=strtotime ($today);// converted to strtotime

$newdate1= $newdate+ (3600*24*7);	// add 7 days
$newdate2= $newdate+ (3600*24*14);	// add 14 days

$day= date ("D",$newdate1); // DAY after 7 days
$day2= date ("D",$newdate2); // DAY after 14 days

echo "after 7 days the Day will be.".$day;
echo "after 14 days the Day will be.".$day2;

try it.


for($i=1; $i<=31; $i++)
$newdate=strtotime ($mydate);
$saturday= date("w",$newdate);//Numeric representation of the day of the week  . 0 (for Sunday) through 6 (for Saturday)
				echo "<br>my 2nd saturdays is--".$mydate;
				echo "<br>my 4th saturdays is--".$mydate;

I already tried this method but in different way but no results.

i tried it at my end. please try it now.

try this code please. it will give you the 2nd and 4th Saturday. if you have any further issue please explain that :)

Show us your code if there are problems with it.

Quick look the previous code should work.

Like i said should work using the date() and time() functions depending on what your requirements are?

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