Hi , i am developing the bidding site in which customers and vendors belongs to different timezones,customer can place an order provided the order should be placed on or before 3pm GMT time at a spcified day like today, tommorow,.........After 3pm of lasting day,customer should not be able to place an order.Actually, Issue is, this restriction should be imposed according to customer timezone, and the order date is stored in UTC date and it is converted to customer timezone and restriction is imposed according to customer timezone,which is not properly working,please help me to solve this problem.

For imposing restriction i am checking current (utc time+lasting day) converted to customer timezone by converting time difference and restriction is imposed.

On vendor part he will place a bid on the order untill the expiry time od the bid and here for vendor remaining time should be displayed according to his timezone,i am getting problem in displaying and expiring the bids according to timezones.. so please help me in and give php examples which expire bids according to timezones.hope u kindly help me. NOTE: order date,expiry date all are saved in UTC time and are converted to timezones by subtracting offsets i.e (GMT-5) etc, for eg. if customer timezone is EST(GMT-5) ,imposing restriction at (UTC-5) datetime string on customer, which is not functioning properly.please help me.


You could use UNIX time as it is standerdised in GMT, you can format it into "Pretty Time" using date(format, unix timestamp) (For format see http://php.net/date) and you could do something like
basetimestamp (UNIX) + 3600 (GMT +1) etc.