Hi all

I need to develop a property based website in which i have a drop down menu for selecting a category for eg:renting ,selling, lease etc.

what i want to do is when a user will select any of the option he will be directed to a website of its own that is on selecting renting all the pages of the main website will be turned into renting related pages , on selecting selling all the pages of the main website will be turned into selling related pages .

what approach should i take so that i need not to buy different domains for different websites or i dont want create different subdomains, that is i want all the pages of the main website should be changed on selection according to the category.i want to do this in wordpress.also i want when ever a new category is created, automatically pages are generated for it because pages will be the same for all options.

i am confused please guide.

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why dont u register subdomains...u can do it with out any costs most probably

okay that i know but can a sub domain can be created automatically with all the files in it whenever a new category is added in category table in database?

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