Hi there,
I want to use a web timer control in asp.net but the problem is I dont know how to use it. :(

The requirement is as follows:
The user will login to register for exam.
Solution I hv designed:
Once he has login we will enable the login time (say 15 min.) We will store the initial login time in the data base. When ever there is an activity we will update the field in the database with latest time.

Is this the correct approach or is there any other way to do this?

The problem is if there is no activity for 15 min, before we end the session, we need to show the popup to the user "your time expiring soon" Do you wish to continue?
If user clicks on ok, then we extend the time.

Is there any way to achieve this.
I hv been trying al the codes i found on the internet but nothing seems to help me or may be I am not able to use them :(

I need this one urgently!!!!
Pls help me out on this!!!
Thanks a lot in advance!!