Hi I am using asp.net 2.0 and sqlexpress 2005 through visual web developer and code in C#.i am making a project in which i want to add/update records by selecting course example insert student by selecting science stream arts or commerse by selecting anyone one of this in list box records adds in database according to stream.and when I show records it displays according to stream how can i do this using query string ,not want to use wizard...how can i manage tables plz help....

I do not really understand your question, First you want to add student to the database, i think you have a little form with the personal information and what course from a list box. and then you want to search into the database base on the course selected is that the point?

Actually I want to insert students records in database but I have three tables Sciense stream Arts Stream and Commerse Stream when i insert record first i Have to select in which stream you want to add student record select one of them in list box and after select stream i want to insert record in database respect to that stream.

I am sorry but i think you need to redesign your database in that case i would have 3 tables like this,
First one "Student" with all the personal Info.
Second One "Course" with al Course available
and third a table call something like StudentInCourse which going to have the primary key from the student table and the primary key from the course.

I do not know if that is what you are looking for, but if my idea does not sound right to you i can help your with yours anyway.