i am on my try to develop quiz management system with administrator control(php +mysql).
administrator must give no.of questions for the quiz (contestants will have to attempt all the questions in the database).
i want to know is it possible to show each question in different pages.can anyone help me coding the same??plsss....

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Is this a homework assignment?

This is a pretty common piece of coding. Have you searched (dani)web?

If you want to load a new page for every question, you can send a hidden input value with the submit button to tell your form handling script which question to load next. You could also use Ajax to do this (might be nicer if you've got a lot of 'furniture' around your quiz question/answer area).

Have far have you got? Post your effort and I'll give you a few hints.


Actually i am not much exposed to web development.I am doing it as part of my project.


use any CMS for this. Try to explore moodle. its a teaching/learning type cms and you can apply quiz as well.


If you're not into web dev and want to get something like this up and running, go like BB says - Moodle - don't try to patch bits of code together, you may spend far too much time on it. As a teacher, I've used Moodle and found it to be satisfactory (can't say I'm a massive fan). There are loads of other options. Classmarker (http://www.classmarker.com/) is one I use very often with my classes (it's not downloadable, just a login and set up your own quizzes site).

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