hey guys i need help as quick as possible about this question i need to submit on Monday please help.

the latency experimentation aims to estimate the execution speed for programs.you will measure the perfomance together with scaling by estimating the responce time while increasing the size of a database.In order to estimate the time taken to access and display data from the database,a database will be created for all the platforms using access 2000 the database consists of the following:Studnumber(int),Surname(text),Initials(text),Sex(text),Diploma(text),Subject1(int),Subject2(int),Subject3(int),Subject4(int),Subject5(int),Subject6(int).

write a PHP program that will retreave the records,it will begin the execution with 1000 records and then double the size of the database to 20000 and then to 40000 and then to 80000.This is simply becauseit is easier to duplicate the whole records than to enter new records.

please guys help me out im in a deep end and just find out that i have to submit on monday.

Writing in anticipation.

Well, I don't see how you expect anyone to help you when you did not post a question.

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You left it 'till the last minute. You didn't say what you need. You used a totally pointless, non-descript title. I can imagine your tutor saying 'hmm, could do better'.

Correct me if I am wrong,
You want a script that will calculate the time taken to query the database and then predict how long it will take to do the same for a larger database?

Also, from what you said it seems you want someone here to provide you with this code for you to pass of as your own work...

Sorry, if that is correct I doubt you will get much help here.