my basic question is that can i use the jquery insted of php syntax ?

For example i developed a site in simple php, now i want to change the code for security perpose in jQuery..
Can I ??

They are two different technologies:

php is server-side and will be executed on the server with the results being displayed to the user.

jquery is client-side and will be executed in the user's browser.
the only code it can modify is the html code that is delivered by the server. plus being client-side all a user needs to do is view your source and navigate to your javascript files to see whatever it is you are doing with your code. there is not much if anything secure about it.

Well i got it.
but now i have a question why should i use jQuery, instead of ajax and javascript.
Infect i know the ajax and javascript both very well and i frequently use both.
So genuinely what’s special benefit of using jquery

JQuery lets you write javascript program in a shorter, faster way and also making you dumb...


var obj = document.getElementById("someId"); // This is a Javascript format.

var jQobj = $("someId"); // This is a JQuery implementation, seems alot shorter, compared to Javascript format.

It's up for you to decide which one you will use to create your programs.

But if you're really interested in Mastering Javascript fundamentals, then simply forget about those frameworks and start learning things with a simple function like:

window.onload = function() {
   alert("Hello Word!\nAm about to explore the world of Javascript with a simple function called alert!"); // Try more expirements-->

// And by the time you're done--you can now write your own frameworks just like JQuery and all other javascript frameworks available out there. 

well essential, thanks a lot for such a nice explaination.
I got my answer,
but i dont need to learn plain javascript, bcoz already know.
Not will try on jQuery
anyways thanks a lot