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I have a textbox in a userControl and it has a Property "Autopostback" set to true, and as i know , this is encapsulated from the hosting page. now i need to set this property to true so that the Gridview in the Hosting page can recognize that the textbox of the usercontrol is set to true. I have added the following Properties from my User Control

public bool TextBoxAutoPostBack
        get {
            return txtbxActvs.AutoPostBack;
              txtbxActvs.AutoPostBack = value;

Now i need to use them in my hosting page.


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How do i use Autopostback Property that i got from a textbox in the usercontrol in the host page.

That is a Question :)


Let me Explain my Situation very clear and why am i doing this, i found a solution to this post now. I have a Textbox that is in a UserControl and u have set the autopostback to true and exposed the properties as i have showed above and access them and used them in the hosting page, now when this textbox changes its value the Grigview in the host page must change, now my problem is that one of them is behaving as autopostback="false" The reason am saying this is that if i touch something else that is not related to them , then the grid shows records

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