Hey everyone. :)

I've been trying to find a goof file upload script for a while. No luck really.

I operate an internet radio station, and frequently artists want to send me music for airplay consideration. I've been struggling along giving them FTP login information and letting them send files using FileZilla or the like. You can probably imagine all the questions about how to do it I get!

I'd really like to find an upload script to plug into my suite that would provide the capabilities found at MySpace or just about any photo site like Photobucket, that allow you to select multiple files from the local machine and have them uploaded to some folder on the web server. A progress bar would be nice, and the ability to select a folder rather than just selecting many individual files would be a plus. Nice Ajaxy interface gymnastics are desirable, too. Everyone loves something that feels professional designed and friendly, right?

Has anyone run across such a script out there in the wild?


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I have never personally scripted a file upload form, but I would imagine that it is done by giving each <input type='file'> an incremental name like name=upload1 and so on. Then, in your PHP (or other language), you use a for loop to go through each uploader and process it.


Thanks for the replies so far.

Because artists usually want to upload an entire CD of music, the multiple file thing is really critical. That or just being able to specify an entire folder to upload.

Although I'm not bad at coding, I think this script would be complex enough for me to hope one has already been written. That along with not even being really sure how to code access to the local file system. I think that's considered a severe security risk and not typically accessible to client-side scripts -- and yet MySpace, facebook, Photobucket, and the like all do it with ease.

No access to Dreamweaver here.


Well I'm not exactly sure how to do it -- but if you need a temporary solution until someone else strolls upon this thread with an answer, you can always ask your clients to archive the .mp3s into a .zip file, then upload the .zip. There's probably a PHP snippet on the web that can extract files from an archive once it's uploaded. That way, the client uploads a .zip and your server automatically decompresses it into a new folder with each individual .mp3 file.

edit: Found this link on Google: http://www.phpeasystep.com/phptu/2.html

Here is my google search, there were some other good links that I didn't read.



I am searching the same functionality. So far i have found 'FancyUpload2' to be the best to be able to tweek to my needs. I am almost ready to pay the $100 for the control itself. The only downside for me is that paying $100 only allows for 1 domain.

I also have looked at this one.
<a href="http://www.easyalgo.com/eaflashupload.aspx" title="Flash upload control">Upload multiple files with EAFlashUpload</a>


After standing down on this project, I returned to it a few weeks ago.

The answer (in my case) was/is SWF Upload.

It's not for the faint at heart for integrating into a site, but I really fought through it can came up with killer upload functionality for my Indie Artists to use when submitting music to my internet radio station. It even includes custom fields that are submitted to a log file during the upload that let the artist specify the title of their CD, release date, contact email, home page, music purchase link, etc. Finally, when an upload is complete, the system emails me an alert to let me know I need to go retrieve the submission.

Again, you will need to fight through the programming on this one. PHP and JavaScript, along with basic HTML form and CSS knowledge is required.

Have fun; good luck! :icon_mrgreen:


WOW!, Looks great at first glance. I have been programming VBA and VB for about 15 years, very new to web programming and have mastered Excel object model.

This looks as if it will get me going on my first true web program. Did you find it easy to tweek the control of this in code?

I know a little php, java and css and hope I find it easy to tweek. I will spend some time with the downloads and give it my best. Part of my first project is to allow users to upload multiple files to show in our gallery. Again thanks for sharing this find!


You're welcome!

As I say, I think it takes considerable PHP and JavaScript skills to pull it off. But I should note that I had some additional hopes for the project that others may not. Out of the box might suit most just fine.

It took me a couple of days to completely wrap my head around the whole thing. That and a bit of experimentation and trial & error. Because the code base is pretty substantial, it can seem overwhelming to do much of anything to it. Just go slow and read everything. The documentation is pretty good, but does leave you scratching your head over some of the subtleties. Mostly though, it will only be confusing if you want to extend it beyond the out of the box state.

There are just a couple of the many included files that you'll actually get inside of anyway, so don't freak when you see all the code. The actual uploader code is in the SWF object, which is entirely controlled by Flash. You can't hack that, or shouldn't anyway. Integration into your site should be possible without even touching that part of it.

Have fun. I hope it works well for you. Sure did for me!


Yeah, there is quite a bit of code. I will read thru it all in order to understand it best i can. I do have flash CS3 but do not intend to uncompile the flash object. My first goal is to read thru all of the php, java, and html basics in the core download/samples folder. After that i will try to create my php page for user display, and my php 'uploads.php' file. I think that would at least give me a chance to see it actually upload to my locahost machine. Thanks for your input! It helps I am an old man and very good at learning so any help you can give me i would be very thankful for.!

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