I have a list page which contains few drop down lists and text boxes used for filter and a gridview. The user enters the filter criteria and then clicks on "Search" button, gridview gets loaded based on search criteria and displays it.

I am using object data source with gridview. I have put all filter criteria in one update panel and the gridview in another as i wanted to avoid loading of gridview data each time the drop down list is changed.

But this is not happening! Each time the dropdownlist is changed, post back is happening, then object associated with object data source is getting called and gridview is loaded which takes lot of time.

How can i avoid this unnecessary loading? Note that the drop down lists are depended on each other such as the items of child drop down list is determined based on it's parent selection.so parent changes, child is reloaded.

Pleases suggest me!



If you wrote something regarding to bind a dropdownlist then please post the code of this fragment.

put the dropdown selectedIndex event in the Trigger section...

hope it works...worked 4 me.....



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