hello to all as i am new to this, all i wants to know that what is required to learn PHP. these days i am on JavaScript and know some basics of it and i have knowledge of HTML and CSS...but i don't want to continue JavaScript and wanted to move on PHP as i know some basics of it too... is it good to move on PHP without completing JavaScript or i need to complete it first...thanks for any help.

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To me javascript and PHP just 'feel' quite different. They deal with different models as well. PHP is for Server side while Javascript deals with manipulating and navigating the DOM which is on the client not the server.

I would say you have to know both languages anyway, but I would say the most important thing is for you to understand the basic principals of programming, IE variables, iterating, logic etc. Once you are comfortable with the basics it is just learning how each language decides to implement them.

Good luck.


thanks for your reply...can you tell me some good books for PHP thanks

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