I run a WIN2000 box with MySql 4.0.23.
I tried installing once and failed, but DID manage to get past the initial page.
The failure came when I tried to log in to configure phpBB2.

So I tried some other forum software and failed there too.
I decided to come back to phpBB2.
First thing I did, though, was update PHP to 5.0.3, and to phpMyAdmin-2.6.1.

Now when I try to run the install page, every time I hit the START INSTALL button,
it brings me back to a fresh copy of the page!!

Somewhere I read about editing config.php inside the phpBB2 directory.
I tried that, but ya' know what? It's all empty now!
:?: :!: :?:

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Yes - config.php is editable. It's an empty file.

I downloaded phpBB2 2.0.13
Till now I tried 2.0.11.

But I'm still looping.
Was I to do something before running the install.php page?

I DID create a MySql database - called it "ttBB".
Do I set up my own tables (and my own prefix) or something?
You'd think the install is supposed to do that for me?


Yes you need to create the database, but it needs to be empty for installation. Is there data in the database from the first installation? If so drop it all so that you start with a clean slate, you may also want to delete the phpBB2 folder and recreate it. Try taking a look at the server logs for errors. PHP normally writes errors to the webserver log files...



phpBB3 should work OTB with php5 AFAIK :)

Maybe you know where I can download a BB3 beta?

I'll try a wipe out of the phpbb@ directory and install phpBB 2.0.13
but I think I tried that too.


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