hi, how to detect if the file has downloaded completely? thanks.

Use download manager like IDM
In IDM goto
Downloads-> Options -> Sounds-> Select a .wav file for Download complete option and click OK.

i want a javascript solution for this..any ideas..thanks

is there a command to check whether the file has completely download or not? ;)

The default download dialogs do just that
the page download indicator on the browser bar
or the file transfer dialog when downloading.
Do you want to force a download to disk?

the page download indicator on the browser bar

so is there an api or any command to access the indicator on the browser bar to check the status whether the file is still downloading or has completely downloaded? is it possible to check or not?

nope i don't want to do a force download...

thanks for any ideas :)

<body onload='document.getElementById("loading").innerHTML="&nbsp;";'>
<div id="loading">Loading please wait</div>