I'm developing a program in PHP. I'm still a beginner in PHP thus said I may ask some questions that may seem basic. How would you go around compressing PHP into a downloadable file for redistribution.

If its a script then im guessing the contents wouldnt need to be updated often?

Maybe us a pre made script such as http://www.zubrag.com/scripts/download.php

If the content needs to be updated on the fly then that would be alot more harder :)


or any other of the zip/ra/gzip/tar creation utilities
to compress for distribution is done locally on your development machine not on your server, although the files are .php .inc .sql they are just text files, nothing special,

commented: thanks. I was hoping it was that simple but I always ask the experts when I'm not sure :) +2

Thanks bob. I really hoped it was that simple but I wasn't sure.