Hello ALL

i am new here so please be gentle.

i have a problem i can quite solve.

here is my table:

id | Account | Dollars | Amount | date
1 | JD001 | 45 | 5 | 2009-04-04
2 | JD001 | 78 | 8 | 2009-05-17
3 | JD001 | 65 | 3 | 2009-06-20

so basic what i need to do is display this info on screen like so.

[a href="#"]April 2009[/a]

when they click the href link they will be directed to page which will display all related info for that month.

frstly i dont know how to find out where my href link must start and secondly once they click on the href link how to pull all info only from a given month.

Please help

now are you grabbing dates from the database then you want to display the data on another page

or will you just have dates on one page and when you click on the dates button and or text link it will display all the data for that on another page from data in a database ?

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$query = "SELECT id, Account, Dollars, Amount, DATE_FORMAT(date,'%M %Y') AS Mydate FROM mytable"; I think this will work.