HI all,

I have make two form. one in which i will fill value then is will go in next page after submitting with $_Post . But i need this value in my javascript code in next page .

So how i can fetch this value in my javascript code. But this value will come from input text field

because on next page in javascript i want to put some validation on that value . So how i can do this. i need this value in my javacript code . please help me to fetch this $_POST in my javascipt code.


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I made it simply using echo $_POST; why no ?

expanding on AkonKagva's answer

<script type='text/javascript'>
var validatethis="<?php echo $_post['input1']; ?>";
// bla bla bla bla

HI ,
I have tried to write my variable which i am fetching it from my last form in javascritpt but it is not showing value in alert box.

I have write my code like this:-

<script type="text/javascript">
var myval="<?php echo $_POST['adult']; ?>";

in alert box it is not giving value of variable myvar rather than it is giving <?php echo $_POST; ?> this in alert box . But i want value return by this.

so please help me how i can show this value in javascript code.


Post your complete code.

is the file being parsed as php
that is, is it on a server, either localhost with php installed (wamp, a phpIDE, or similar)
or on your remote server with php installed
and named filename.php so that the php parser knows to look at it.htm .html on your local machine without php installed will not work

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