Hi Friends,

I am using update Panel to update the records without being page refreshed...

and using updateProcess control to lock the screen with ModalPopup div Css..

After Updating the Record from the CS Files, giving the alert message using

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript method.

But this message is displayed on the modalPopUp screen(shadow), I want this modalPup div(UpdateProcess) to be closed first

and show the alert message...


Do you want to show a div (UpdateProgress) first and then after show an alert?

Post your code.

hey guys..
I got the solution...
Used setTimeout function for the alert.
this way

setTimeout(function(){ alert("Record updated!"); }, 0);

You can play with the timeout value (100 or other instead of 0).
I set the timeout to 50.. and it worked

thank you for your posts guys....