So I installed IIS, set up my site and now I have the 3 ticks on the list in the db panel but the + I'm suppose to click is greyed out...

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Thank you adatapost,

I just checked the registry entries and there are a few among which the 3.5 is the latest...
I'm also using IIS 7.



I think you have configured database connection using oledb.
-- If No, Click on Database Tab + Oledb connection + Provider
must be : Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0.

Now, open .aspx page and you can see the DB link - it is enabled.


the thing is I cant add an OLE DB conenction... the + I'm suppose to click to add the connection is greyed out...

Also I did some designing on the page, but had the 3 ticks in the database tab before I started this, but the + was greyed out even then


I have a site created, and it's set up properly in the local info, remote info and the testing server is set up properly too

And also I've created the database and put it in the site folder


To configure a website with DW, you have to create a folder with any name in c:\inetpub\wwwroot. For example, create a new folder and rename is with testsite.

After the prev. step - you have to configure "testsite" as a virtual folder with IIS - administrative tool (control panel).


Where do I configure the site as a virtual folder?

I onlt see "Add virtual directory..."


Right click on that folder + Properties + Web Sharing + Share this folder (radio button) + ok


I dont have a web sharing tab, just sharing....
and I gave the IIS user and the asp.net user full control,
also I'm using vista so if that changes stuff....

Edit: OK now I can see the folder in my network so that means it's shared

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