How do I differentiate Internet and Intranet Page viewers?

I am providing some extra privileges to the Intranet users to publish pages, while the Internet Users can only view them and not publish new pages.

What's the class/functions that I should be googling for?

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well, there's a few ways you could do this.

The most likely scenario is that your intranet users are all on the same network or coming from the same network. If this is the case, you could check for their IP and show your appropriate code.


While this isn't very secure, it will work. You may want to consider adding this as a layer on top of the other 2 sugestions

Another route would be to ask your intranet users to log into a page. Then you could check for a session variable or cookie, and show your appropriate code.

This is more secure.

The 3rd way I would suggest would be to mimic the web site and host 1 internally and 1 externally.

This would be the most secure.

Depending on how sensitive my data is, would decide which way I would do it.

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