I am writing a Form that is to be in three parts.

1. Date Selection
2. Report Selection
3. Report Display

The way this should work is as follows.

1. User selects a date from section one
2. Section two updates to show a list of reports made on that day, each with its own checkbox. There is also a button
3. When the button is pressed, the third panel updates to show those reports that were selected. (can be upto 3)

I want to implement AJAX UpdatePanels for this, and sofar my idea is to have the calender event programmatically add a list of reports from my db to the selection area with associated checkboxes etc. This area obviously has a trigger to fire a partial postback.

However, this is where I am stuck, I can make it so that the button on the second panel causes an update on the third panel, but I need to know the "true"/"false" values of the controls on the second panel in order to decide which reports to display

I cannot think of a good way of doing this, so any help appreciated.