Does anyone know a way to guarantee that a copyright has not been removed from a script.

An example would be this.

I put a copyright notice on page one, when the page is loaded it checks with page 2 to see if the copyright is there or not. If it has been removed it adds an error code stating it has been removed.

I would just like to have it check another file to see if its there. I know this can be done as I have seen it implemented in other scripts.

Thank you.

To be honest with you, when people release free scripts or GPL scripts people can do what the hell they like, if they know what their doing as such as removing one line of code that has your copyright on it. They will remove it and make look like they wrote the entire script and give you no credit whatsoever!

Your right it can be done but as I meantioned it only takes a semi php coder to look through your source and knock that variable out and the one that checks to see wherever it exists or not.

But if you would like me to give you a snippet that I wrote for my scripts I release then just ask :)

I would love the snippet, see I plan to encode the script to a point for licensing so I'm hoping to include the important part in the encoded section.

you could have a necessary library needed to run the scripts. Put the core code in it. And in the library regex for your copyright line. Then obfuscate the library. Most people with the skill to tear apart the obfuscated code won't bother. The operative word there being "most"

lol so true, however i don't have the skill to do what you are recommending but I do appreciate your help.