Please see below code which I need to understand.

I tried to find information on the php site and the manual and the php book I have but could not find it. Wht does this mean " => "

function emailusers_menu()
	$item('admin/emailusers/compose/%')= array(
	'title' => 'Compose a Message',
	'page callback' => 'emailusers_compose',
	'page argument' => array(3), // userid ( from% in the node path)
	'access argument' => array('adminster users'),
	'type' => MENU_CALLBACK,);


Vishal Khialani

Hi there,
In an associative array the symbol '=>' indicates a key-value pair, ie:
'key' => 'value', this means that you can access an element of the array with it's named key like: $array will return the value of 'value'