Hi my friend
I installed php helpdesk script on our intranet this script use phpSniff to capture client IP address and we have Proxy server in our network.
I have problem:
1- If proxy setting was not set the script return the client IP true but if proxy setting was set the script return the proxy IP I need the the script return IP client when the proxy setting was set.
2- I want type [http://helpdesk] on address par to go to the script page but the server where script was installed has name like[server1] I want to do that without change the server name.
please help me.

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For your first question about ip addresses, php can only detect the ip address which is sent from the isp (internet service provider). So if for example a proxy server is setup then only the last link in the ip address chain before reaching your isp will be recorded and readable by php. So the variable/array for getting the ip address from as far traced back as possible is the following:


As for your second question, if your trying to make fake domains under a localhost environment then I would suggest to look at the apache virtual host configuration.

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