hi guys!

this is my problem, let's say the user wants to edit the file's information, not the file itself. example, i have Document1.doc, that is my file, what i want is that the user could edit the information, let's say the time it was uploaded, the filename and not necessarily the content of the file itself.

thanks in advance...

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are you inserting file into database?
with database its easy insert file path into one field,file name into one field and time into 1 field
then in edit you can just update name and time fields

sir i can do that, it is easy to edit that in the database, however the problem is that how about the file itself? i mean its filename like that that is stored in the uploads folder????

kindly look at rename() function in PHP.

sir it's not working, the files i wanted to replace is located in a separate folder, uploads folder.

this is the error:

Warning: rename(logo.psd,golo.psd) [function.rename]: No such file or directory in C:\server\htdocs\samples\php\fileRecs.php on line 332

include the path from where the file is coming from and the path from where it will reside and renamed.

sir can you check this out...

function GetFileDir($php_self)
$filename = explode("/", $php_self); 
for( $i = 0; $i < (count($filename) - 1); ++$i ) 
	$filename2 .= $filename[$i].'/'; 
	return $filename2; 

this outputs: this is the output

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