I have a Drupal site, and I have been all over the Drupal forums and gotten nowhere.

My sidebar blocks disappeared, save for one single block, which changes. However, the blocks can be accessed and served by another module the Panels module.

The site is Drupal 5 but I am forced to use a Mysql3 installation because the server shares it with another service that cannot upgrade. I am running php5.

I have been told this is a cache thing. i have shut down modules one by one, or at least in chunks, clearing the cache after each one. I have shut off caching and had no success.

I moved a copy of the site after the catastrophe to a test server where all of the blocks display fine.

A second Drupal site on the same server suffered the same collapse in sidebars.

Error logs show nothing. As far as Apache and Drupal are concerned, everything is fine.

I am in a bad way, and need some help diagnosing this problem. Can anyone direct me to a resource for diagnosing these usual types of problems, or shed any light on how to fix my site?


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Try logging in as admin and click on the side Administer->Site building->Menus->Navigation and make sure everything is ticked and be sure to click the save button at the bottom when changing settings. Other than that I would suggest reinstalling drupal be replace the newly created database with your current database. But be sure to have backups of everything first. Hope that helps.

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