I have a gridview with data and checkbox. I want to Move selected to rows into another table(DB) when Dropdownlist is changed.(Just like a Yahoomail moving the selected mails to Folders)

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Using a for loop iterate the GridView.Rows collection to see whether the Checkbox is checked. If it is checked, then retrive the data and insert/update into another table.

foreach(GridViewRow gridRow in GridView1.Rows)
    CheckBox chkBox1 = gridRow .FindControl("yourCheckBoxId");  
       //Write code to retrieve the values from GridView row using gridRow.Cells collection and insert/Update into another table           

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<URL SNIPPED> hope this code will helps you.

now in this case wht you can do use the above sample code
create one lable (any name ) and udpate you'r code with that lable
and on Display the inbox item you can query such that (show item without label)

hope it will helps you.