Well I am a PHP fan, (HAIL OPENSOURCE) Its just so happen I will have a ASP.NET PROJECT, In short I need to run MS VISUAL STUDIO and MS SQL SERVER in my machine together with XAMPP.

I just want to confirm first If I will have a problem installing all of that IN ONE MACHINE? THanks in ADVANCE

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No problem

With no special configurations? Will I should stop the services in the xampp CONTROL PANEL?

Thanks in Advance

I don't think there should be a problem because i also had the same softwares installed but i didn't run both the programs together.
Also apache runs on port 80 and as far as i know the asp.net development server can run on different ports.
But make sure that you don't run your aspx file son IIS server coz then apache and IIS will run together and will cause a problem.

You can have both XAMPP and VS & SQL Server in the same machine.

By default, IIS using port 80. Apache will also try to use port 80 when you install it.

To overcome this problem, Stop iis before the installation of apache.

You can assign port 80 to either apache or IIS.

To change apache's default port, goto httpd.conf in conf directory of installtion. Open it with editor and change
listen 80 to listen 8080 (or whatever port you wish)
servername -> localhost:8080. Save and restart apache server.

To change the default port number of IIS, Start->Run->Type inetmgr->Select Computer Name->Web Sites->Right click on Default Web Site>Properties

It will show Default Web Site Properties dialog box.
Under the Web Site tab->Change TCP Port to 8080 or something whatever you want.

Thanks Guys I am now running the applications with no PROBLEM. SMOOTH SAILING HERE

Thanks Guys



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