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I'm very new to php and I'm trying to send an email with an attachment from my localhost. I have only managed to receive simple emails but not the attachment so far. Is there a particular problem with localhosts and attachments or it's just my scripts? (i've tried different scripts i've found on the internet). I'm using xampp as a web server.

Thanks for any help :)

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Activating the mail function from a local system so it acts like an internet mail server isn't something that is normally done. You can test sending mail from the local system without any fancy setup. I use a mail class called libmail and it dumps the output for you. If you want to test incoming mail, the easiest way is to use a server that already has the mail function working.

If you really want to connect locally as a mail server, then this post may help. You probably need to get a package called Mercury but from the little that I read about it, it isn't for newbies.

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