I have to do this in 3 hours.
I know it calls for a good loud laugh , but i am a newbie.

Question is

I have to browse and upload images in the design part of sample.aspx page


in the code behind before uploading(inserting) into the sql table i have to convert it into binary form.
when asked to display the image i should be able to convert back

Please provide with example on how to upload and display the image on button click UPLOAD and DISPLAY respectievely .

Please do the C sharp coding.......................

i want the file to be converted to binary format before inserting into sql table boss.

So why are you telling me, and not your other kind helper?

Or better yet, why haven't you taken what has already been given and made an attempt to change it to your needs (and posted the result of that attempt)?

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Closing this thread since you already have the other active thread on this issue.