I have had a look at some javascript functions in the form:

var newText = $('#console-msgs').html();

Does anyone recognise the syntax?

Where can I get information on what is happening here?

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You're missing a bunch so you either have broken javascript or you didn't copy/paste directly. It should look like:

$('#css-style-def').click(function () {
    var newText = $('console-msgs').html();

$ is (in most cases) a jQuery function that finds an element based on the CSS selector passed so that particular code says: Find the element with the id css-style-definition, and when someone clicks on it set the variable newText equal to whatever the element with the id console-msgs contains.



I was just posting two examples of the syntax.

I was just trying to look at someone else' code and see if I could work out what was happening.

I thought I knew Javascript, but I have never seen anything like this.

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