if i have a java interface on a website and that interface contains a box where a user enters a string and then submits it. If I wanted to rapidly submit strings from a list I had (in a text file say), how would I go about doing this?

I know this is a very vague question. I have looked at the source code for the interface but I don't really know java that well. There must be a way to "connect" to the interface and rapidly submit strings.

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What do you mean "a java interface on a website"?

I mean that if you look at the source code for this particular website it is java code.

The design of the page is such that it has frames around the page, one of which allows you to enter a string into it.


Then what you have is JavaScript not Java, if looking at the page source you see "java code".

Next time post in a JavaScript forum, I have already asked the moderators to move this one.


sorry, thank you. Maybe I need to learn some javascript?

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