Hello Everyone,

I had a small problem in my page. There are some select menus that the user can select and there is a download button which on click should allow the user to download a file based on the selected options...I used the following code under the onclick event but the problem is that it allows the user to download the file but the page refreshes itself or in other words all the selections are lost when the download window opens window.open(filename); the html code for the button is

<button style="position:relative; left:5%;" onclick="openRawData()">
      <b>Retrieve Data!</b>

ANy help will be greatly appreciated...
thanks a lot in advance


The problem is now solved...turns out, there should be a return false statement in the button ..so the modified html code will be

<button style="position:relative; left:5%;" onclick="openRawData(); return false;">
      <b>Retrieve Data!</b>
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